Our Cat Adoption Story + RescueBox!

I’m going to be honest with you..

I disliked cats for a long time. Growing up, I had my fair share of fish and birds. My mother hated cats. I guess she had one when my siblings were younger (fun fact – my brothers and sisters are 17-24 years older than me!) and one Christmas, it climbed into the tree and knocked it over, shattering a bunch of her ornaments and “ruining Christmas”, so she made the decision to boycott them for the rest of her life.

Fast forward 40 years, and I called her up and said those dreaded words. “I’m adopting a cat.”. She tried to talk me out of it, but I was dead set on the idea.

I don’t know what changed in me. One day I just woke up and wanted to get one. Specifically, I had the image of a ginger male that I would have named Edward after Ed Sheeran, because who doesn’t love Ed Sheeran amiright? I searched on various shelter’s websites, but either couldn’t find one or could only find one that would only be adopted out as part of a pair. I had barely talked Keith into letting me adopt one. Two was out of the question.

One day, I was at work and overheard that a colleague needed to rehome her one year old cat. I wasted no time going over to her desk and asking her to tell me about this precious, furry angel from above. She told me about her two older cats that she has had forever, and how she recently adopted this younger cat that was causing the older cats to be stressed out.

She showed me some photos and I instantly fell in love. Sure, it wasn’t the little gingercat boy I had my heart set on, but oh man was she a beauty. We made plans to get her that weekend, and that is how Zelda became a part of our family! (Yes, she is named after the video game. Yes I use the hashtag #thelegendofzeldathecat whenever I post photos on instagram. No shame in my nerd game.) Since then, I have become a bonafide crazy cat lady.




Since I didn’t have a history with cats, I was pretty lost as to what kind of things to buy for Zelda. Enter our friends at RescueBox! They were so kind to send me a box filled with cat goodies that Zelda went nuts for as soon as it came through the door!



The box came with a some cat toys, including a door hanger, “cat dancer”, and a catnip-filled American flag plush, as well as a self grow cat grass kit.  The catnip smell coming through the box triggered Zelda’s senses, and as soon as I set it down she was all over it!


Her favorite toy, by far, is the cat dancer. It’s a small toy that is on the end of a long, thin wire. She loves when we wave it around and bounce it off of the floor for her to chase, and it’s something fun for the kids to do with her.


There are multiple different RescueBoxes. There is one for cats of all sizes, and a few options for dogs (depending on the size of your canine friend). Boxes start at $23.45 when you sign up for a year of subscription boxes and for each month that you have a subscription, they donate five pounds of food and two vaccines to pets in need at shelters.


Have you ever signed up for a pet subscription box? What were your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Our Cat Adoption Story + RescueBox!

  1. We don’t currently have pets but I always grew up having lots of animals in the house and when my kids are a little older I can’t wait to get them some animals! I’m so glad you found a great fit for your family and I love that this subscription box donates food and vaccines for every subscription!


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