My Month Off

It has been a whirlwind of a month! One of my job perks when you have been with the company for five years is a month-long paid sabbatical. Yesterday was my first day back, and I can’t believe how fast the last 30 days flew by.

My first day off was Father’s Day. We spent the day at a theme park and had a great time! Aubrey was finally big enough to ride all of the roller coasters and she was in her glory. She even went on one that went upside down.


That week, Aubrey finished second grade. Her school had a cute ceremony where they handed out awards. Her last day was a bittersweet one for her. Excited that summer was here, but sad that she wasn’t going to see her friends every day.

aaaaFirst/last day

Future Illustrator award! My little artist.

The following weekend, I drove up to Maine to drop the kids off at my mother in law’s for the week! It’s a long drive – about 3 1/2 hours. I stayed there for about an hour and then started the long hike back home. Keith & I had a great time that week, going out for dinner, taking small day trips, and just spending quality time together without the kids. We haven’t had a break since Aubrey was born 8 years ago, so it was much needed!


For the 4th of July, we had a cookout at our friend’s house and then headed to see some fireworks! A nearby town had an all-day event going o with bounce houses, vendors, and live music so we kept ourselves entertained.




For Aubrey’s birthday on the 5th, we took a surprise trip to Great Wolf Lodge. We splurged on the birthday package, where they decorate your room and leave a cake. It was worth every penny! She is still talking about it 2 weeks later. Addie ended up with a busted lip and the lifeguards took such good care of her! They even gave her a banged up wolf that she won’t let leave her side. We all had an amazing time and can’t wait to go back eventually.


A couple of days later, one of my best friends & I went to the Backstreet Boys and Florida Georgia Line concert at Fenway Park. Nelly opened for them and my friend got to see the old ghetto side of me shine through haha. It was seriously the most incredible show. I saw the Backstreet Boys for my first concert when I was 15 and it brought back so many memories, I even cried a little!


The day after the concert was Aubrey’s birthday party. I definitely didn’t think that through haha. I was exhausted! Thankfully I decided it was going to be a low-key party and just did cake and ice cream with some decorations. Otherwise I would have been stressing like crazy! One of our favorite things to do together is play The Legend of Zelda and she has been wanting a Zelda party for a long time, so that’s what we went with for the theme. The girl who was supposed to do my cake backed literally at the last minute, so I had to scramble to find a cake. Since Zelda parties aren’t popular, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to find a cake anywhere and I simply did not have time to bake one myself, so I got a sheet cake and made a triforce out of gold craft paper. I was honestly pretty bummed about it, but the look on Aubrey’s face when she saw it told me that it was okay to not have an elaborate cake all the time.171819

Last week was pretty low-key. We spent most of the week hanging around the house and getting ready for our weekend away to our friend’s lake house! It was the perfect weekend to end my month off. We went on multiple boat rides (the girls even got to drive!), lounged in the middle of the lake, Aubrey got to drive a golf cart, and we just had an amazing time with our friends up in the mountains!


There were definitely some tears Sunday night when reality started sinking back in that my month off was over. It was nice to be back and see my colleagues and have adult conversation after spending the day with my kids, but all I really want is to just be home with my kids.

I hope you all had an incredible Fourth. I am slowly reading through posts and seeing what I missed. I am looking forward to being back on my old schedule and posting more often!



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