Coffee on the Comfy Brown Couch

I have come to know so many of my fellow bloggers that I have been following for a while and love to imagine sitting down and having coffee with you all and just discussing life! So a new series is born! I invite you over to sit on my big comfy couch with a cup of your favorite coffee (or tea) and tell me about your life lately! I’ll start.


I would ask how you take your coffee, because even though I am pretty set in my ways (sugar free flavored coffee of some sort (French Vanilla this week) cut with some non-flavored coffee because I don’t like it *too* sweet), I always love to switch it up once in a while. You would probably laugh at the fact that I use a baby spoon as a stirrer in my coffee, and I wouldn’t blame you because while they do make the perfect companion, I agree that it does look funny.

I would tell you that my best friend got me this mug for Christmas a few years ago and it’s one of my absolute favorites and ask about your favorite mug (because let’s face it, everyone has at least one or two!)

I would tell you that I have completely gone over the edge of insanity and applied (and was accepted!!) to school. That I need to have a career I am passionate about, and even though it will take 4 years to complete, I am excited. If you haven’t known me since the birth of my first, I would explain that all three of my babies have gone through some kind of therapy (speech, physical, and occupational), and that it is something SO dear to my heart. I want to help other children like these women have helped my babies. You would probably look at me like I was crazy because I already balance three children and a full time job, but I’m used to it because everybody that I have told so far agrees with you. I would explain that most of it is online, with only a few being on campus/clinical and that I am saving those for the last couple of years when my middle child is finally in school.

I would ask you if you’ve ever taken online courses and if you had any tips for me, since I tried it about 9 years ago and failed miserably (and am still paying for it, damn student loans will follow me to my grave).

I would tell you I also started a little side gig of making personalized items with vinyl, and that my heat press should be arriving today from Amazon! I would show you a few things that I’ve made, like the pretty shadow box I made for my mom for mother’s day or the Disney cup order that I just got from a lucky coworker who is going with her family in a few months. I tell you that I hope I can be successful enough to hopefully save up for my own Disney trip in a couple of years (it has been my dream since we had our small wedding back in 2009 to have a big vacation/vow renewal for our 10th anniversary).

I would ask you how work is going, how your kids are (if applicable), and if you have any trips planned this summer? I have my month-long paid sabbatical coming up next month, which was one of the perks of my job if you stayed for 5 years. In addition to enjoying being at home for a month, Brady and I are heading to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania with a group of my sweet Mom friends that I met when I was pregnant with him. I would tell you how excited I am to see his reaction to all of it because his Sesame Street obsession is strong. I would also tell you that we have a surprise trip planned for Great Wolf Lodge on Aubrey’s birthday in July. My mother in law (who lives four hours away) also wants to take the kids for a week, and that while I will miss the crap out of them, I am excited to be able to really focus on getting my house in order since I have let my decluttering project fall on the back burner. The start of my first semester also falls within my sabbatical so I am hoping to be able to do a lot of the work ahead of time and set myself up for success.

At this point, I would probably need to get up and get my kids a snack or find another project for them to do so that we can chat a little longer. I would put Elmo in the toy baby carriage and encourage Brady to run around with it, since that’s one of his favorite things to do, and I would probably give Addie a paintbrush and some watercolors to make some art for the play room that I desperately need to decorate (along with the rest of the house.)

I would ask your plans for Mother’s Day weekend, and what your favorite traditions are? We usually take my mom out to eat somewhere. This year will probably be her favorite diner, or maybe introduce her to our favorite seafood restaurant up in Maine. I don’t know what Keith has up his sleeve for me, but he keeps asking for gift ideas and I don’t know what to tell him! A gift card for Michael’s is always nice, since I love me some crafting.

I would tell you how excited I am for the warm weather and being outside with the kids more. We got a new patio set and it’s nice to be able to sit down and watch the kids play while relaxing under an umbrella!

At this point we would probably finish up our coffee and give each other a hug and say “see you next week!”, because we had a great time catching up.

What topics would you want to discuss on our coffee date?


Have a great Thursday, friends!


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