The Declutter Project: Digital

I decided to start my decluttering project off with what I felt was the simplest of areas: my digital life. Between computer files, Facebook groups/friends, and the thousands of photos and downloads on my phone, I felt the need to get rid of the excess.


I started with Facebook. I removed about 200 people (mostly deactivated accounts, but also some that I had no idea who they were, or people that I haven’t spoken to since high school or just people who were downright negative all the time). I “unliked” things that were no longer relevant (breastfeeding pages, pregnancy pages, Atkins pages from when I thought for approximately 2 seconds that I could live a low carb life.. HA!).  I removed myself from over 150 groups that were bogging down my notifications and space on my feed. Honestly, who needs to be in 100 Lularoe groups? I can now count the number of LLR groups that I am in on one hand – and they are personal friends who I would prefer to support than some random person with 15k people in their groups.

Next came the computer files. I deleted a lot of random photos that I had saved over the past year or so of having my laptop. I organized my design files. I deleted random wordpad documents like shopping lists, old order confirmations, etc. I organized my photos by month instead of having 10 different folders for October of 2016.

After that was my phone. I know all of the other moms out there can relate. There is no need to have 20 blurry shots of your toddler on his swing. I saved the best one and deleted the rest, and did that for the remainder of my photos, including a bunch of me drunk on my 30th birthday that I would die if anyone saw. In doing this, I deleted over 600 photos from my phone! I cleaned up my contacts, deleted old text chains, removed apps that I no longer used, and made folders of the rest (including social, kids apps, blogging, etc). I also threw on a more minimalist background instead of the very busy background I had before.

Then came the dreaded Pinterest boards! I have been on Pinterest since it came out. It has been my digital dumping ground for four pregnancies, three babies, and approximately one thousand parties.  I cleaned up my boards, deleted pins and boards that were no longer were relevant to me, and renamed all of my boards to describe what they were instead of some witty catch phrase that I came up with 6 years ago 😉

Lastly, I took on my emails. I deleted the thousands of emails in my inbox, updated contacts, and utilized to unsubscribe from a lot of emails that I did not care about. After just a week I feel a lot more relief not seeing 50 new messages every time I check my email!
Just taking this first simple step was really a great start in the right direction. I no longer feel stressed out logging into my computer or unlocking my phone. It’s also great to open up Facebook and see posts from people I care about instead of a bunch of things that are irrelevant to me. Next on my list is my bedroom! Stay tuned!



9 thoughts on “The Declutter Project: Digital

  1. I totally need to do this! I love clever this is with the “digital” aspect I had never thought of it this way! I can relate completely on the pinterest aspect LOL!


  2. Wow that’s impressive- want to come do mine next? It’s going to take me weeks to declutter but I’ve been meaning to do it!


  3. I’ve been meaning to do this for the longest time! And being a Virgo it makes me a bit nervous being around clutter, that includes digital! Saying that, I haven’t done the MAJOR clean I’ve been meaning to do, but I do regularly check my fb page and clean out the friend list! Now we have to tackle Pinterest, Instagram, Gmail, and my photos! Urgh the struggle is real! But bravo that you were able to get around to doing it!!!


  4. I try to do this at least once a year. Looking at my desktop and the number of FB groups I am in, I think it is about time 😀 Thanks for the reminder!


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