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For as long as I can remember, I have been a mouth breather. I always just figured that it was one of my quirks. Since having my babies, it seems to have gotten harder to breathe, and lately it has been unbearable. While I know that I have gained weight since I started having kids, I felt that something just wasn’t right. I can not breathe out of my nose at all. After months of complaining to my physician and trying countless suggestions she made, she referred me to an ENT.

During my appointment, he went up my nose with a camera. It was not very pleasant feeling, but it didn’t hurt. It was more strange than anything! He noticed a lot of blockage and prescribed a steroid and antibiotic just to be sure that it wasn’t a bad infection that has lingered for 30 years. I was annoyed because I felt that it made no sense, but I understand they need to rule simple things out before talking surgery. I scheduled another appointment a month out and felt no relief throughout the 10 days of taking the antibiotic/steroid combo.

At the beginning of December I found myself sitting back in the office, praying that he wasn’t going to shove another camera up there. He asked if anything felt better and I said no. He scheduled me for a CAT scan to see what he was working with. After looking at those results, he saw that I have a deviated septum and an enlarged turbinate that is blocking my sinuses.

We agreed that surgery was the best option, and next week I will be getting a septoplasty and turbinate reduction. I have been doing my research reading various blogs, and while I am definitely nervous about recovery, I am so excited to be able to breathe normally (and let’s be honest, I am also pumped about spending a week and a half in bed while my sweet mother in law visits and takes care of my kids!). I will be posting about my experience here in hopes that it helps others down the road who need the surgery.

If you have any tips, please feel free to share!


10 thoughts on “Surgery.

  1. Thank you for sharing this! What a blessing to have your sweet mother-in-law come to help! That would probably be my biggest tip… I had a C-section surgery and my husband has had two brain tumor surgeries (Praise God, miraculously, he’s in perfect health!!!) And the key for me is to let people help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help & maybe even get involved in a support group of people who have been through the same… It’s incredible when you don’t have to walk through surgery and recovery alone! I pray that you have a quick recovery!


    1. Thank you! I am so grateful that she was able to come down for a couple weeks to help. She lives about 4 hours away! I have had 3 c-sections myself and it is definitely nice to be able to sit and relax without worrying about cleaning or taking care of the older kiddos!


  2. Whatever you do, be careful when holding your kiddos. I ended up scheduled for surgery to repair damage to my nose (the ENT said my nose had to have been broken at least 5 times for the damage that was done… yet I never recall a moment of breaking it, just many hits to the face from sports). My baby clocked me in the face and I wanted to scream murder. Take the medicine on time. The tubes put in the support healing are what suck, once they are out its glorious!


    1. Definitely NOT looking forward to the splints, especially getting them removed! I have read so many blogs and watched so many videos and it doesn’t make me feel any better haha. Having a baby whack your nose sounds so painful. I think my 7 and 3 year olds will be fine, but I am definitely nervous about my 1.5 year old trying to touch my nose because it looks weird.


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