Reflection & Resolutions


Happy New Year, friends! I don’t know about you, but I am so glad that 2016 is officially behind us. Between the crazy election, countless celeb deaths (so many legends!), and some things that went on in our personal life, I am happy that we have a blank slate ahead of us. But with that said, 2016 housed some amazing memories for my sweet little family. Sorry for 99% of them being crappy, grainy cell phone pictures. One of my resolutions is to start using my camera more!)

January brought a fresh start, my 29th birthday (where I got pampered! I chopped a ton off my hair and got it highlighted, and then Keith surprised me with a dinner out even though a huge Patriots game was on.. and this marked the last time I got my hair done ha!), and tooth #3 gone from Aubrey’s mouth!



February we took our first trip to Great Wolf Lodge with the girls! Brady stayed with my sister (he wasn’t even sitting up at this point so it would have been pointless to bring him!). We celebrated Addie’s 3rd birthday with an Octonauts party, and also celebrated 7 years of marriage.


March saw St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, as well as the start of physical therapy for Brady.ny7ny8ny9

In April we spent time with friends, Aubrey started softball, and we started seeing Brady’s neurologist.


In May, Keith took me up to Maine for Mother’s Day for seafood at our favorite restaurant and some shopping at the outlets! We also celebrated Brady’s first birthday and Addie got her first haircut!!



In June Aubrey finished an amazing year of first grade (so we had a girl’s day at the beach to celebrate!) and also graduated from Daisy Scouts! We kicked our summer off with lots of lazy days hanging out in the backyard.



July brought lots of celebration! Fireworks, Aubrey turning 7, and Keith turning 31! Brady also saw his first movie at the theater.


In August we spent time with family, Rachel & I had our annual beach trip, and I got Baptized. ❤ny24ny25ny26
September was a big month. Aubrey started 2nd grade! Addie started her obsession with dinosaurs, and I was able to spend a couple nights out celebrating a friend’s wedding. We went apple picking, celebrated 10 years together (I got Keith to go to his first country concert. This was 10 years in the making, folks!), and we had more appointments for Brady.



October brought lots of fall festivities. Pumpkin picking and Halloween.. Aubrey went to a Girl Scout expo and won a pastry chef competition, and I hiked my first mountain!ny33ny34ny35ny36


In November, we adopted our sweet cat and threw my mom a surprise birthday party!



And last, but certainly not least, December. We hung out with friends, had an amazing Christmas, and rang the New Year in at home. ny40ny41ny42ny43


Now for some resolutions! What New Years post is complete without them? 😉

1. Declutter/organize my house.
2. Get on a consistent blog schedule.
3. Use my bullet journal daily to keep track of my habits
4. Use my planner to organize our crazy life!
5. Spend more quality time with my children, both as a group and one on one.
6. Coupon/save money to pay down debt.
7. Work on making my marriage even better!
8. Embrace turning 30 (instead of dreading it) and reflect on everything that I learned in my 20s.

My word of the year is “improve”. There are so many aspects of my life that I would like to improve, so I thought it was fitting! Do you have a word of the year? I would also love to hear your resolutions!


5 thoughts on “Reflection & Resolutions

  1. Agree agree AGREEEEE! First rule for SURE! (PS love the fight club reference). Also, I realize that I’ve totally neglected my fancy camera too. I picked it up again these past few weeks and I can’t wait to really use it again!


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