Farm Fun with Friends

This morning, my friend Ashley and I decided to get our kids together at a local farm to let them see the animals, get some blueberry donuts, and run off some energy.

We decided to grab donuts first before we started touching any animals. They had the donut machine running and the girls loved to see how they were made.

271d0742-a5d3-4311-9672-565072f2d0fe{add me on Snapchat! darby116 }


After we ate, we headed over to the goats, chickens & sheep. We brought plenty of quarters so the kids could feed them.

20160720_10354820160720_10355120160720_10360220160720_10374620160720_103942This girl has been taking her Pikachu with her everywhere since she got him!

I love how close in age our kids are and how close they have become over the past couple years!


Excited that we were able to cross this off of our Summer bucket list! What’s on yours?


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