Brady’s Brain

When Brady was about 8 months old, we had some concerns. He wasn’t sitting up. Wasn’t rolling over. Had a major side preference when it came to his arms/hands and legs. We tried not to let it bother us because babies all develop at their own pace, but something felt off. We brought it up to our pediatrician at a check up and, knowing that there concerns with his brain while I was pregnant with him, she referred us to Boston Children’s Hospital to see a neurologist. This of course freaked me out. Nobody wants to hear that there may be something seriously wrong with their baby. We were able to get in pretty quickly and they scheduled us for an MRI. The first MRI ended up getting rescheduled because Brady had a cold and they needed to put him under anesthesia for the procedure. We finally ended up going on June 1st.

The preparation for the MRI was tough. Brady wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything except water or diluted apple juice after midnight, and his procedure wasn’t until 1:00. You could tell that he wasn’t happy but he still kept a smile on his face.



When we got into our room Brady had to be put into a hospital gown and they gave him his IV. While Keith sat with him, I went and got changed into scrubs so that I could go in when he was put to sleep. Nothing can prepare you for unsettling and scary that moment is.


While the MRI was being done, Keith & I went down to the cafe and got coffee and looked around the gift shop to kill time. Before we knew it, it was time to go back up and we were brought right into the recovery room where he was slowly coming to.


They watched him for a while and then gave him a balloon and let us head home.


About a week later we got the results in. Brady has a few conditions. Heterotopia, which is gray matter that is in his brain that never migrated out while he was in my belly. Septum pellucidum towards the right, which means that the membrane that typically goes down the middle of the brain is off centered in Brady’s brain. Our neurologist recommended that we get bloodwork done on him to see if there are any genetic abnormalities, so we brought him in a couple of days later. It took three excruciatingly long weeks to get the results back from that, and it turns out that our little guy has a duplicated chromosome 7p14.3, which is rare. 1 in 10,000 rare. Keith and I are going to be going for bloodwork in the near future to see if we are also carriers of the duplication and then we will be taking Brady to see a genetics specialist and taking things from there.



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